Month: January 2017

Photo of Aaliah launching a lantern.

imperfect beginnings

For the longest time, I planned to launch The Fillawesophie Project on the 1st of January, 2017. Something about aligning my beginning with the start of the new year felt poetic. Perfect. Yet, tempting as it may be, I decided against striving for that perfect beginning, because if I’ve learned anything about success, it’s that taking action with what I have in the present is better than waiting for the “right” moment sometime in the unknown future. It’s a bit like launching a lantern into the sky. You create a flame, but the lantern catches fire when it’s ready. You lift your arms higher, but the lantern flies only when it’s ready. There’s no telling when the lantern will be ready, so there’s no use waiting for the perfect moment. You do your work and the lantern meets you when it’s ready. And together, you light up the sky.

So here’s to an imperfect beginning —and all the poetry that is in it.