A hundred days ago, I was falling in love with summer. And what they say is true: love really does give you wings. This summer was one of discovery and growth, and it fills with me with gratitude to realize I stumbled upon a most beautiful secret this summer when I started my #100DaysOfSummer project.

Every day for nearly 100 days (because let’s be honest, I missed some days and had to catch up later), I picked a photo from my Oahu album and captioned it with a reflection. The experience was everything that I hoped it would be: an exercise in gratitude, a meditation on the essence of summer, a ritual for creativity, and a reminder that I could depend on myself to be consistent.

Confession: one of my biggest fears is that I am not consistent enough. Time after time, I’ve started projects, poems, books, and novels that I left behind to move on to something else that pulled me. So, in the midst of all the inner work I’d been doing both through my coach training program and outside of it, the consistency monster appeared. I had ideas and dreams and ambitions that I so badly wanted to dive into, but I found myself paralyzed by the fear of that seemingly inevitable failure that I wouldn’t be able to keep at it (which can be extra scary in the age of social media and now that I was training to be a coach –stay tuned for more fun posts about the wild journey of training to be a life coach). So, to address this fear of mine and challenge this belief I had about myself, I committed to a 100-day creative project that most of you know through the #100DaysOfSummer posts on Instagram.

Actions taken in self-growth have a ripple effect, and how you do one thing is how you do everything. For me, building my consistency-confidence also meant that it was easier for me to start building some other habits that would make me healthier, happier, and more productive: journaling every night, exercising every morning, flossing every day (I’ll admit, this was previously an on-and-off habit), reading before bed, etc.

More importantly, the vow to reflect on summer for a hundred days was a new beginning for me. First, there was sharing the blog after years of self-doubt, and then came more ripples: more travel in the U.S., moving to my new apartment, opening my heart to the adventures of love, daring to dream about a future filled with purpose. There’s so much that I learned about myself this summer, but the greatest lesson of all was learning to fall in love with the seasons.

There is so much beauty within us and around us and in the great unknowns. Every season, the earth reveals to us certain truths. Summer holds truths of the youth and the lovers and the innocent children on playgrounds reveling in the delight of being out of school. To meditate on that beauty was to be reminded of what spirituality means to me, and that remembrance carried me into fall with grace and passion for more growth.

For those who sent their encouragement and appreciation, thank you for your generosity. I can’t wait to continue sharing my journey with you, and I look forward to hearing from you along the way.


With love and light,